Mortgages and MORE

Mortgages and MORE


We were talking in the office about how the mortgage market has changed over the last few years, and quickly came to the conclusion that it is not at all clear what sort of loans are currently available and how you go about obtaining the right one for you.  So, if this is your situation then here is our guide for how to go about applying and what should suit you best.

We have taken advice from our partners who are best placed to give us up to the minute details, so here we go !…..

First, here are some general facts about how many people are looking to buy, and sell and in which categories. Some interesting facts, but for sure you are not alone in the market!!


What sort of loan should you look for-

Repayment – 

Interest Only –

60+  –

Endowment –

Lifetime – 


How is the loan calculated?

Not all mortgages are based on income multiples anymore; but by affordability and your personal circumstances.


Interest rates –

Here are some screen shots from April 2017 to give you a guide of rates advertised, note I said “Advertised” and not “Available” as most “teaser” rates are not for the majority of borrowers and require a perfect set of circumstances to qualify. For up to date rates MORTGAGE RATES then please contact us on to be put in contact with an advisor.

First Time Buyers

Normal Purchase






Conclusion – 


The mortgage market is healthy and it is important that you are ready with the right loan in place so you can offer with confidence when you find that special new home. 


You now have the rates, the information you need to gather, what extra value you can add and this will be great when you see a “ fantastic place with potential”


Let us know and we will put you in touch with the specialist who can offer you the best options for your situation. You will be able to deal with them in confidence and decide what is best for you. 


We are always pleased to help where we can as buying a new place is an important decision, so you want the best information to make the right decision. That’s what we want for you so you will pleased. 

We have also added some interesting but little known facts about renting and tax. You can have more income than you think without having to tell a soul!!